Katie Price leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter looks different videos

Over the past year, Katie has shared photos and video clips of her on social media for fans to watch. Today, the mother-of-four filmed herself in the upcoming Christmas content. Wearing makeup and a mop of curly hair, Katie said to the camera: “Hi everyone! Christmas is coming and yes I’m shooting for my OnlyF.”

Katie captioned the post: “Gorgeous for my OnlyF Christmas shoot today.” Dressed up as a nun, Katie revealed earlier this year that she joined OnlyFans, earning millions from her adult photos. Speaking exclusively to The Sun at their launch press conference, Katie told us: “I’m in my 40s now. I can control what I want to do, not what the magazines want me to do.

“I have the freedom to do what I want and I still respect myself. I will do what I want. “Of course, I still take sexy pictures because I like that.” Just yesterday, Katie showed her ex Carl Woods what he was missing as she stripped naked and ignored their breakup to pose on OnlyF.

The star posed on social media in a strawberry bikini, gazing at the camera while keeping her hands on her ample bosom. Directing fans to her OnlyF page in the caption, Katie said: “So much hot new content on my fansite! “Sign up for the sale now, for a limited time!”

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