Katlyn Lyon obituary virginia beach, Whats happened cause of death

Kingsley senior Katelyn Lyon has signed on to play college softball at Bay College in Escanba.

“It felt just right. When I went out to meet the coaches, we toured the campus and stuff. It felt a little bit like home,” Lyon said.

“[Softball] has always been something I just did. It just feels normal to me, so it feels good to have a sense of familiarity when you go to college.

Lyon has battled congenital heart disease throughout his life. As a baby, doctors discovered a rare heart condition that required open-heart surgery at seven months.

February is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month, and Lyon hopes her story will help people understand that while there are many different types of coronary heart disease, many of them are not as scary as they sound and can be monitored.

Lyon is a sports lover who started playing softball at the age of nine. She says her only limit is the amount of weight she can lift while exercising.

“It’s not as scary as it seems. A lot of times when people hear that I have a heart defect, I’m surprised because it doesn’t slow me down,” Lyon said.

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