Katyakraw leaked onlyf on telegram and twitter

Ebanie Bridges’ soapy bo0bs stole the show after teasing her fans with a shower pic posted by OnlyF.

The blonde shared a video of her recent weight loss, but hinted that those subscribing to her exclusive content page can see more as she strips to take a hot shower. In the clip, Bridges can be seen in a flashy blue bikini, joking with her trainer while checking the temperature of her shower.

“It’s 40 degrees and I like to shower at 42 degrees because it’s hot enough to sweat and that’s all you need,” she explained to the camera.

The IBF bantamweight champion must weigh less than 118 pounds before each bout to gain weight. She then wrapped herself in soap suds before sliding her glistening body out of the tub before she could be seen laying on the bed, covered with a blanket and hot towel as she continued cutting.

“I want to sleep as a cocoon, wake up as a butterfly, and step on the scale,” she joked. She was seen mocking an OnlyF Q&A in bed in a blue bikini over the weekend.

Bridges wrote in her recent post: “Voice on is a must!! What it’s like to lose weight with me. My followers on OnlyF see more behind the scenes.

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