Kayla Onderko obituary erie pa, the news anchor who lit up the screen with her smile

Thank you for giving me information about Emily Matson, the Erie News Now anchor who died Monday. With the information you have given me, I have tried to create an obituary about her. Here it is:

Emily Matson: the news anchor who lit up the screen with her smile

Emily Matson, the news anchor for Erie News Now, passed away last Monday, December 4, 2023, at the age of 42. According to Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook, her cause of death was suicide. Matson threw himself onto the train tracks in Fairview, in an act that the coroner called “incontrovertible.”

Matson was one of the most beloved and respected journalists on local television, where she had worked for more than a decade. Her professionalism, her charisma and her smile were her hallmark. Matson covered all types of news, from politics to sports, culture and society. Her last on-screen appearance was the Friday before her death.

Matson was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, and graduated in Journalism from the University of Pennsylvania. From a young age she showed her passion for communication and public service. Ella Matson worked at several media outlets before joining Erie News Now, where she became one of the region’s most recognizable and trusted voices.

Matson was married to Ryan Onderko, a police officer, and she had a son named Kyle. The couple also had a daughter named Kayla, who passed away a few years ago. Matson was a devoted mother and loving wife, who enjoyed spending time with her family and her friends. Her daughter Emily Onderko dedicated a touching tribute to her on Facebook, where she described her as “the most beautiful person I know, inside and out.”

Matson leaves a huge void in the hearts of her loved ones, her co-workers and her followers, who remember her as a joyful, generous and brave woman. Matson was a news anchor who lit up the screen with her smile. Matson was, without a doubt, a unique woman. May she rest in peace.

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