Keke palmer security video leaked, Accuses Ex Darius Jackson of Domestic Violence

Keke Palmer has taken legal action by filing a request for sole custody of her 8-month-old son, Leodis, whom she shares with Darius Jackson. The actress, 30, alleges that Jackson, the child’s father, has been physically abusive on multiple occasions. In a filing for a domestic violence restraining order in Los Angeles, Palmer details a recent incident where Jackson allegedly trespassed into her home, threatened her, and physically attacked her. The Nope actress includes screenshots of what seems to be security footage showing a man striking a woman over a sofa.

Palmer asserts that this is not an isolated incident, claiming that Jackson has abused her multiple times over a two-year period. According to the filing, another incident was recorded on home security footage from February 13, 2022, where Jackson allegedly body-slammed Palmer onto the stairs by her neck.

The court documents outline a pattern of physical violence, including instances of Jackson striking and grabbing Palmer around the neck, destroying personal property, throwing belongings into the street, preventing her from driving away, and making threats. Palmer also alleges emotional abuse, harassment, and profanity directed at her in front of their son.

The recent altercation occurred when Jackson came to Palmer’s home to take Leodis to a football game, but the child was not present. After a verbal disagreement, Jackson allegedly attacked Palmer, stole her phone, and fled the house. Palmer claims the entire incident was captured by her home security camera.

In response to Jackson’s accusations, Palmer states that on or around April 21, 2022, they went out to eat at a restaurant in Santa Barbara, where Jackson became upset and accused her of flirting with another woman, leading to an early departure from the restaurant.

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