Kelly Moser obituary and dead, instrumental in guiding top Realtors

Kelly, a high-performance coach, has played a pivotal role in guiding top Realtors, Entrepreneurs, and Executives to extraordinary success. His expertise has not only fueled their achievements but also elevated their energy levels, allowing them to reclaim their time for pursuits they are passionate about.

Originally hailing from Mt. Airy, a quaint North Carolina town recognized as Andy Griffith’s birthplace and the inspiration for the beloved family classic “Mayberry,” Kelly imbibed values of tenacity and a robust work ethic. His mantra revolves around the principles of working hard, adapting, learning, and persisting.

Despite reaching significant corporate heights, Kelly realized that his pursuit of “fulfillment” was misdirected. It was through personal development and serving others that he uncovered his true purpose.

Kelly’s infectious practical motivation and positivity inspire others to shed excuses and embrace a better version of themselves. As the Founder and CEO of The Moser Movement, he provides a range of services, including High-Performance Coaching, Real Estate Coaching, Group Coaching, Keynote Speaking, and personalized solutions.

His mission revolves around propelling high performers even higher. Employing a science-based, forward-focused curriculum, Kelly assists individuals in overcoming challenges, starting with cultivating a “Move your BUT” mindset.

Beyond the entrepreneurial realm, Kelly finds joy in the company of his best friend and wife. He cherishes moments with his growing family and has a deep appreciation for all things outdoors, including fishing, boating, kayaking, and immersing himself in the beach life.

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