Kelly Roseberry car accident dead and obituary, Tributes pour in as Travis Mills

kelly roseberry car accident

Tragedy struck on October 28 when Kelly Roseberry, Vice President of Programming at the Travis Mills Foundation (TMF), and her son, Noah, lost their lives in a devastating car accident. The TMF, a prestigious organization that supports victims of the 9/11 tragedy, confirmed the heartbreaking reports. Community members have turned to the internet to pay tribute to the 38-year-old, describing her as a “loving wife, grateful mother, daughter, fierce veteran advocate, patriotic, and loyal friend.”

Kelly Roseberry, originally from Fort Lewis, Washington, was a native of the area. She worked as a physical therapist and center coordinator of clinical education, helping war veterans and injured military personnel regain their ability to walk or run. Her work extended to assisting recalibrated veterans in achieving a level of real-life function.

“I got to be part of the team to start to give them their life back. I learned a tremendous amount about physical therapy during my time there, but I learned even more about the human spirit.”

“Kelly would do anything for anyone, and often demonstrated that in her work with veterans throughout the years and in her relationship with her colleagues at TMF. She changed so many lives at TMF – she even saved lives, especially of those veterans she personally invited to participate in the Foundation’s Warrior PATHH program for Post-Traumatic Stress.”

Kelly Roseberry is survived by her husband, Chris Roseberry, and daughter, Emma.

Born into a military family, Roseberry lived in various parts of the world, including Germany and the United States. She earned a degree in nutrition, foods, and exercise from Virginia Tech and later pursued a doctorate in physical therapy from Shenandoah University.

Following her education, Roseberry completed internships at Quantico’s Officers Candidate School and Landstuhl Hospital, where she provided treatment to military officers. She served as a coordinator of clinical education at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Walter Reed National Medical Center.

In 2017, Kelly Roseberry and her husband joined the TMF, where she played a crucial role in The Family Program, adapting activities for 9/11 veterans as per their wishes.

In addition to her leadership at TMF, Roseberry volunteered at the Veterans Administration Hospital as a personal trainer and amputee specialist. She also volunteered as an Adaptive Ski instructor and served as the director of the Ski Camp for Amputee Kids.

Furthermore, Kelly Roseberry served as an adjunct faculty member at Shenandoah University, the University of New England, and the University of Southern Maine, contributing to both physical therapy and occupational therapy programs.

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