Ken Block dead or still alive?, rally career began in 2005 whats happened?

The 2005 season was Ken Block’s first year as a rally driver. He impressed quickly with his car control and Rally America Championship Rookie of the Year honors followed shortly after that in 2006. Block has competed in five medals at the Global X Games since starting his racing career. He won his first two X Games medals at the age of 18 for his overall wins in the series. Block has since won silver at Barcelona RallyCross in the 2013 edition of the Global X Games.

Block has garnered a number of awards thanks to his Block Motorsports YouTube channel, which contains 9 videos and 11 associated edits that have accumulated over 500 million views. The channel helped him to become the most popular racing personality in the world, as well as one of the most popular racing franchises. Additionally, the Block franchise received an award from the One Show Interactive Gold Pencil Award for their advertising campaign. Block won this award in the single-form online films and videos category. The Block Franchise has received numerous awards thanks to its viral videos, including making the top 10 charts by Ad Age. Their videos have racked up over 500 million views, and they have helped put Block in front of a large audience around the world. Additionally, Block’s videos have earned several awards including the One Show Interactive Gold Pencil Award for excellence in an advertising campaign. They’ve also won the Online Films & Video/Long Form – Single category of the One Show’s Pencil Award for outstanding quality.

Block is one of four Americans to ever score points in the World Rally Championship. He achieved this feat in January 2010, when he became one of only four people on the moon who landed a job. Block’s Ford campaign included racing domestically in Rally America, Global RallyCross Championship and X Games. He also pursued his dream of racing in the WRC by joining Monster World Rally Team with Ford as an official sponsor. As part of this deal, Block agreed to promote Ford’s marketing efforts through motorsports. Since then, he changed the name of his racing team to Hoonigan Racing Division and continued promoting Ford’s marketing efforts through motorsports. Block finished second in the Global Rallycross Championship standings in each of the three years he competed in it. He switched to racing full-time in the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2016 and continued racing that competition every year until 2017.

He plans to compete in multiple rally events, as well as rallycross races, throughout the year. Additionally, he’ll participate in the Gymkhana GRID final this fall and film several videos.

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