Kentlake High School shooting Today, Report of armed person active shooter on Kent School District City

Kentlake High School in Kent, Washington, is currently under lockdown due to reports of an armed individual on the premises. Heavy police presence, including helicopters and a SWAT unit, has been observed at the school located at 21401 SE Falcon Way. The school authorities have initiated a lockdown as a precautionary measure, urging people to avoid the area while law enforcement responds to the situation.

According to witnesses, despite initial rumors of a student carrying a pistol and making threats, authorities are systematically evacuating groups from each room. As of now, there are no reported injuries associated with the incident.

Kentlake High School, a public institution in the Kent School District, accommodates over 1,500 students. Designed by the architectural firm Burr Lawrence Rising, the school opened its doors in 1997 and features a two-story brick-exterior facility spanning 232,000 square feet. Originally constructed to serve grades 10–11, it expanded to include grades 9–12 in the 2004–05 school year.

During the 2010-2011 school year, Dr. Joe Potts assumed the role of principal, succeeding Diana Pratt. The administrative team was further complemented by the addition of assistant principals Dylan Smith and Jordanne Nevin. The school, operating under a cooperative agreement with King County Parks, also benefits from an adjacent 10-acre site providing additional fields for athletic programs.

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