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Despite Kerryn Feehan’s recent criticism of the show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, its star Whitney Way Thore wouldn’t let her off the hook.

On Wednesday’s episode of the show, Feehan, a guest star on Thore’s radio show, offended him with her statements. This led Thore to storm into the studio where Feehan was appearing to defend himself. “I don’t appreciate people making assumptions about my health or weight,” he said. “And why should I care?”

Chelsea Feehan, the on-air host, felt depressed about other obese people. She admitted it by saying, “I feel sadness for Whitney because I feel sad for my friends who are a bit overweight.”

Thore argued back with a surprised, “What?”

Fiehan told Thore that the mean and moody yorkies are cranky and grumpy.

In the past, the reality TV star said she avoided the outside world because of how her peers treated her. She stayed in her small apartment, eating pizza instead of leaving to interact with other people.

The People magazine article Thore mentions addresses her encounter with the public. In it, she takes issue with people labeling themselves as a concerned individual when they verbally attack her. She states that fat-shaming people in disguise proves their motives are not genuine. Thore says she won’t stand for fatphobia in any form, stating that she refuses to buy into a narrative of her worthlessness.

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