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YouTuber Kevin Leonardo has caused an uproar on the internet after uploading a sexually explicit video to his channel. The content creator is known for her grooming tips for gay audiences. Surprisingly, he recently uploaded a video showing how to use Nair Hair Removal Cream to remove bum hair.

One might expect tutorials to be censored one way or another, but internet celebrities leave little to the imagination. Some netizens commented on the video:

nair tutorial video guy

The video was uploaded to his official YouTube channel on June 26, 2023. The clip, titled “Using NAIR Cream to Get Rid of B**T HAIRS – A VISUAL GUIDE!” left netizens stunned. Five seconds into the clip, Leonardo said: “My ass is hairy now,” before showing off his rear to fans. He then introduced Nair Cream to fans and applied it to his own back. The video goes on to demonstrate how to use the product.

As of this writing, the explicit video continues to attract viewers. At the time of writing, the article has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

Kevin Leonard also showed off the video performance to his fans on Twitter. He tweeted:

“One week later, 3.2 million people now know how to use Nair on their ass – welcome.”
He revealed that his “impression click-through rate” was 44.4%, and the “average viewing time” of the video was 1 minute and 04 seconds.

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