Khazar Momeni on reddit, Whats happened to Nima Momeni – Nima Momeni grilled Bob Lee

In the text messages sent to Cash App founder Bob Lee hours after he was stabbed to death, Nima Momeni’s sister, Khazar Elyassnia, fears for his safety because “I know Nima is disappointed in you.”

Court documents filed Friday, along with formal murder charges against tech entrepreneur Momeni in the April 4 slaying, shed light on the events leading up to Lee’s death. Authorities in San Francisco announced Momeni’s arrest Thursday afternoon. Prosecution documents reveal a relationship between Momeni’s sister and Lee. However, investigators said a witness in the case could not say whether the two were in a relationship.

The document begins with Lee, witnesses, residents and Elyassnia having drinks at a Mission District apartment. Hours later, Lee and unnamed witnesses left the apartment and headed to the Tech Exec room at the 1 Hotel in San Francisco. The others stayed behind. Witnesses told police that while they were in the hotel room, Lee received a cell phone call from Nima Momeni.

“The conversation revolved around the defendant picking up his sister from the house where they had seen her before… (the defendant) asked the victim if his sister was on drugs or in any way inappropriate… (the victim) assured the defendant. “It didn’t happen any wrongdoing. At 12.39am, camera footage from the Millennium (tower) showed Lee arriving. At 2.03am, cameras showed Lee and Nima Momeni walking together.

Investigators were able to retrieve video from other nearby cameras. The videos show Monemi and Lee’s BWM parked in a dark area of ​​Main Street. There was a conflict on the sidewalk. Li stumbled and injured himself in the street. The BMW gallops away.

Upon arrival, San Francisco police found Lee lying on the street with three stab wounds, including two to the chest. He was taken to San Francisco, where he died of his injuries.

The prosecution doctor said: “One of the knives stabbed the victim’s heart, showing a direct and clear killing intent.” “After stabbing the victim, the defendant immediately dropped the kitchen knife and fled the scene at high speed in his white BMW. Slowly let the victim die.”

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