Kimbo Bimbo leaked onlyf on twitter videos, I quit McDonald

A former McDonald’s employee left Ireland to earn €10,000 a month at OnlyF and started a porn career in England. In 2021, 23-year-old Lisa Marie was named the sexiest McDonald’s employee at the Limerick branch by TikTok users.

She left to work as a stripper at a lap dance club in Cork before opening her OnlyF account in 2020. But Lisa Marie, whose adult film star is named Jimbo Bimbo, faces backlash in her hometown of Limerick and says she is now fleeing hate mail.

“I went viral on TikTok because I was the prettiest girl in town to drive through at the Crescent shopping center,” she told the Mirror. “I only spent a week at McDonald’s and a month at JD Sports. I don’t like stress and people telling me what to do.

“I wanted to make enough money from porn to start my own Botox business. I had lip fillers, facial fillers, and my boobs in a D size.” She added, “My The family knows this. You worry about me. That’s it. But the hate and abuse on the street is really bad.

“People were so jealous, so I moved to the UK on Monday to start full-time porn. “I filmed my first porn video with Irish porn star Andy Lee last month and I’m so proud. “

Andy (34), a former plumber turned porn star from Dublin, appeared on UK Channel 4’s My Big Dick last October.

He later told the newspaper: “I started a porn academy to give other Irish people advice about careers in porn.” Lisa Marie said yesterday: “I joined Andy’s academy. Three years ago, I did Founded OnlyF after working a normal 9 to 5 job.

“Ever since I made my first porn video, I can’t leave the house because everyone is full of hate and name-calling at me. “People yell and page me as they pass me. My whole town is against me. I can’t walk down the street without someone calling my name.

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