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Former MLB pitcher Joe Smith and wife Ellie LaForce are on vacation in Paris after giving birth to their baby. Couples take a break from their busy lives and embark on a fun-filled vacation. These photos are absolutely perfect and depict the love and warmth that exists between lovebirds. After the birth of their first son, the couple’s best trip was to Paris.

artist with a very promising future

Paris was indeed beautiful, making the couple forget the hardships they had endured. The couple revealed that taking time for yourself is not a bad idea and everyone should do it from time to time. Previously, Allie LaForce gave birth to her and Joe’s first son, Jacob, on November 10, 2022.

Ellie’s first child was born to her sister Dr. AuBree LaForce is a family medicine resident in training at Akron General Hospital in Cleveland. However, the child’s birth in Akron was fraught with ups and downs.

Ellie wrote: “For those of you wondering how I got to Paris @theThree8: it was the first and definitely the last. Another adventure in the books, baby. Another city. One more Dance.”
Since getting married in 2015, they have moved 29 times. During the offseason, they frequently traveled between Ohio and the city where Joe attended spring training and baseball season. Smith’s mother has Huntington’s disease, and the pitcher also has a 50 percent chance of having the disease. Unfortunately, his mother passed away from the same disease in 2020. For years, Joe Smith and his wife, Ellie, discussed the prospect that Joe had a 50/50 chance of passing on the gene for the fatal genetic disease Huntington’s disease to his children.

Ellie is 6 years older than Aubrey. In seventh grade, Aubrey decided to become a doctor. She was motivated by a relative who died of cancer at a young age. God has a great plan for sisters. During her pregnancy, Ellie allowed her sister Aubrey to give birth to her first child.

AuBree earned her degrees from Northeast Ohio Medical University in Rootstown Township and Mount Union University. The future physician begins her residency at Akron General Hospital in 2021. AuBree met with the doctor. Consultant obstetrician and gynecologist Natalie Bowersox confirmed the delivery. Bowersox agreed, knowing how important this day was to the two sisters’ lives. Finally, on November 10, AuBree gave birth to her sister’s first son.

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