Kitchie Mayweather is dead?, Whats happened to ikitchie?

“Behind Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team or TMT are a proud pair of Filipinos who are happy to work for the undefeated American champion despite his upcoming Super Fight with Manny Pacquiao on May 2,” said Stein Jeff Angelis reports on ABS-CBNnew.

Marikit “Kitchie” Laurico is the organizer of The Money Team.

“After Laurico emigrated from the Philippines at age 11, he worked as an assistant, as well as in marketing and public relations. She met Mayweather by chance and eventually became his personal assistant,” the report said.

Laurico recalled: “We were on gas and he was with some friends, I knew a friend who was in the car. We kept in touch and the next thing you know, I was near him. He said, ‘Would you like to be me assistant? “I thought he was joking, but I took my chance.”

According to the report, “Dayap served as Pacquiao’s photographer for many years. After forming a friendship with strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza, the two eventually worked with Robert Garcia’s fighters. When Ariza joined Maywe Dayap also joined as a new ‘video guy’ when he was in Ser’s team.”

Dayap commented on his boss, “He’s misunderstood. The Floyd Mayweather I know, if you know Floyd, really know him, you’ll love him. He’s a good guy, like His heart is as pure as it is. When he gives, he thinks of your family.”

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