Kiz mehnersmoos oktoberfest video leaked on reddit, “OKTOBERFEST” VIDEO: YOUTUBE REMOVED CHANNEL K.I.Z

Just yesterday, K.I.Z gave a sold-out concert “Only for women” in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena, today there is a second show without admission restrictions. Meanwhile, K.I.Z released a new song called “Oktoberfest” with the support of Frankfurt friend Mehnersmoos. The motto of the song: hands-up techno beat and sing-along parts à la “O’zapft is! Lederhosen are crazy!”

If you listen carefully, you’ll quickly realize that “Oktoberfest” isn’t a compliment to the world’s largest folk festival. For example, the Tarek K.I.Z segment says: “What we did yesterday never happened. The little guy was in the bushes, boy and then ‘MiaSanMia’. Today I shoot my pear out of the grass tent. Nipples hung out of her dress. I dipped white sausage in sweet mustard. I hacked, paid homage to Hitler, acted like a freak and beat up a gay guy with the boys.”

freed. But it seemed so offensive that the band’s entire YouTube channel, including all previous music videos and other clips, has now been deleted. In the “Oktoberfest” video, a compilation of the wild Wiesn moments can be seen to match the dystopian mood of the song. As such, the video may be removed for nudity or other “violent or creepy content.” K.I.Z seemingly humorously wrote on her Instagram story: “Sorry friends, but this masterpiece is worth it to us.” The music video has now been uploaded elsewhere: the band’s Telegram channel.

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