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Viral videos on Facebook are everywhere! From cute cat videos to amazing cooking hacks, these videos can be really entertaining and addictive. But what makes a video go viral on Facebook?

To begin with, it must be something that people want to share. Whether it’s fun, exciting, inspiring, or just plain interesting, people will share the videos they like with their friends and followers.

In addition, the quality of the video is also important. Videos with good image and sound quality are more attractive to the audience and are more likely to be shared. It’s also important that the video be short enough to hold the viewer’s attention, but long enough to tell a complete story.

Another important factor is the advertising of the video. If properly promoted through paid posts or shared in relevant Facebook groups, the video has a better chance of reaching a larger audience and therefore having a bigger viral impact.

In short, viral videos on Facebook are those that are interesting, high-quality, and well-promoted. What viral video did you like the most on Facebook? Share your favorites in the comments!

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