Krishna Premi dead, Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal passed away

Marine erosion is severe along the coast of Karnataka. Jayashree Sri Krishna Parisara Premi Samithi held a press conference on July 22 at the Billava Bhavan Auditorium in Santacruz East.

LV Ameen, president of Samithi, said there is no permanent solution to protect the lives and property of people in coastal areas. “Our Samithi has contacted the government several times for a permanent solution. Ocean erosion can be seen during the monsoon. The government should find a solution for this. Unlike the current rubble walls which cost millions of rupees, a solid concrete wall will be done once and for all. Solve the problem and people will be able to sleep at night. Parisara Premi Samithi has initiated multiple community development projects through the government. “The government should act as soon as possible to tackle marine erosion,” he said.

Founder of Samithi Thonse Jayakrishna Shetty said marine erosion has intensified along the coast of our district. “Many people have been killed and many properties have been destroyed. As with the Esplanade, a solid eight-foot-deep concrete wall will be erected. The government has spent millions of pounds on the firewall over the past 40 years. But every year during the monsoons, There will be problems and losses. In this case, we sent an inquiry to the government via email. We will meet those affected in person next week and ask them to solve the problem. We will try to make the center and the state government aware This problem. Residents of the Mogavela community live heavily by the sea. We will make the government aware of their problem through our Samithi and the need for concrete walls.”

“The application has been submitted to the prime minister. The issue should be resolved as soon as possible. The students come from different parts of the area to continue their studies there. The area is full of pain and suffering. During the monsoon, the coast guard should be deployed to save lives. If a student accidentally drowns , the affected rescue teams should be notified. Hope the leaders resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

Samithi Vice President Nithananda D. Kotian explained the intent of the press conference. Samiti Honorary Principal Secretary Surendra Salian Mundkoor expressed his gratitude.

Buntara Sangha College Samithi Chairman CA I R Shetty, Devadiga Mahamandala Chairman Dharmapal U Devadiga, Karnataka Vishwakarma Association Chairman Sadananda Acharya, Past Chairman GT Acharya, Thiya Samaja Mumbai Former Chairman Chandrashekar Belchada, Safalya Seva Sangha Chairman Srinivas Safalya, Bhandary Seva Samithi Former chairman, lawyer R M Bhandary, Kulala Sangha Mumbai former chairman Devaraj Kulal and Girish B Salian, Vidyadayini Sabha Honorary Chief Secretary ChitraPu K M Kotian, Ganiga Samaja honorary chairman RamaChandon Ra Ganiga, Ganesh Shetty, Pararas Premi Samithi official Sanjeva Poojary Thonse, Harry Sequeira, Rakesh Bhandary, Jithendra Gowda and others were also present.

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