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Kuhad Pizza Couple’s Viral Video: Kuhad Pizza couple Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur are back in the headlines soon after a controversy regarding their ‘private video’ surfaced on social media. Arora took the matter personally on his social media account and shared a video on his Instagram account in which he clarified the matter. In the video, the man called the leaked private footage “fake” and blamed “artificial intelligence” for discovering the truth.

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kulhad pizza mms

Kulhad Pizza, a duo from Jalandhar who became famous for their unique pizza not too long ago, came into the limelight after their stall went viral after a social media user visited their stall. Once the video gained traction online, the couple gained more clients, including prominent personalities from Punjab. But when the two made a comeback for the second time, there were some problems with the reasons for their popularity. Private videos of the two were posted on social media.

Gurpreet kaur and sehaj arora video private

However, Arora took to his Instagram account to claim that the video was “AI generated” and informed the public about his action on the matter. Arora’s latest clip was shot outside a police station. The two also complained about the incident to Jalandhar Thane Police Station No.4.

kulhad pizza couple mms viral

Narrating the ordeal that the couple went through, Arora said that not long ago, they received a message and controversial video on Instagram in which the sender asked them to hand over money in exchange for joining an “artificial intelligence generated” video on the internet. Clip. Arora explained that the two refused to pay the blackmailers, which led to the footage being leaked.

Netizens asked “Zarurat Kya Thi?” It was reported that he had also been arrested in this matter, but there has been no official statement yet.

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