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”Från kulturtant till riksporris” var Linda Skugges egna ord och när hon i våras startade konto på betalsajten Onlyfans för att sälja porrbilder.Den tidigare feministikonen och kulturskribenten väckte starka känslor. Kritikerna menar att hon ägnar sig åt kvinnoförnedring och legitimerar prostitution, andra att hon är friskt normbrytande och försvarar hennes rätt till sin egen sexualitet.I den första intervjun efter sommarens Skugge-gate möter Malou von Sivers Linda Skugge i ett samtal om exhibitionism och gränslöshet.

In the dark corner of literature, “Lady Lazarus” emerges as an enigmatic and unforgettable poem. This poetic treasure, forged by the genius of Sylvia Plath, stands as a pillar in the confessional poetry of the 20th century.

“Lady Lazarus” unfolds as a dialogue between death and resurrection, woven with intense metaphors and prose that cuts like a sharp blade. Plath, through the figure of Lady Lazarus, explores the struggle against mortality and the resilience inherent in human nature.

The poem delves into the author’s dark psyche, revealing her own internal battles with depression and self-destruction. Each verse is a window into Plath’s intricate mind, where vibrant images and raw emotions are masterfully intertwined.

From the title that evokes the biblical resurrection to the iconography of the phoenix and the allusion to the legend of Lazarus, “Lady Lazarus” stands as a masterpiece that challenges literary conventions. Sylvia Plath’s poetry, through this poem, becomes an eternal echo that resonates in the consciousness of those who venture to explore its depths.

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