Lalogonebrazzy exposed leaked video on twitter, TikTok star is dead or still alive

TikTok sensation Lalo Gone Brazy made unexpected headlines after a tweet went viral. On June 27, there were speculations about the health status of Internet characters on the Internet. A tweet claiming the influencer had died has gone viral. However, this has not been confirmed by any of its representatives.

Twitter user keemstarnews uploaded a tweet suggesting the TikToker was taken to hospital after being shot in a park. The entire tweet reads as follows:

“27. June 2022: A Tiktoker named Lalogonebrazzy was hospitalized late in life after being shot in a park. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition with two gunshot wounds. My prayers for him.”

It should be noted that the Twitter account that posted the above statement is not owned by YouTuber and entertainment reporter Keemstar. The famous social media reporter is known for covering breaking news about social media influencers.

Speculation about Lalo Gone Brazy’s health comes a day after rumors of Lil Tjay’s paralysis surfaced. However, there does not appear to be any evidence or testimony from anyone who knew Brasi to corroborate this rumor.

Everything you need to know about Lalo Gone Brazy: Tiktoker delights fans with Spanish song
Lalo Gone Brazy, real name Nalgon, was born in Mexico. The 22-year-old uploaded the video to his lalogonebrazzy480 account. He often uploads songs (mainly in Spanish) to the video-sharing platform. Fans love the signature trumpet music at the beginning of his video.

Lalo Gone Brazy, a popular TikTok content creator, went viral on the platform after uploading a clip of him bragging about money while singing the SleazyWorld song Sleazy Flow. He has amassed more than 20 million likes on his TikTok account.

In the past, the influencer has tried to tell the story of excess wealth in several of his videos. However, his followers made the same accusation after discovering that he was routinely displaying dollars and pennies in the videos.

Such videos have been posted on the platform several years ago. According to The Ancestory, he admitted to a history of homelessness and said it was difficult to make ends meet, especially with the pandemic sweeping the globe.

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