Lara Croft gif video death leaked, whats happened to dead

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise. For the past quarter of a century, fans around the world have been captivated by Lara Croft’s exotic and mythical adventures. While the Tomb Raider series often answers most of the questions players might have as each story unfolds, one long-standing mystery remains—how Lara survived between the events of Tomb Raider. of.

As part of Tomb Raider’s anniversary celebrations, each game in the series will receive a month-long spotlight dedicated to its story and its impact on the gaming community. And finally there’s the final revelation, Lara Croft’s fourth entry into the world of video games. In this game, the archaeologist heroine digs deep into the myths and legends of ancient Egypt. Perhaps most famous, however, is The Last Revelation, the title of which allegedly left Lara Croft dead.

This idea of ​​Lara Croft’s death continued in The Last Revelation’s sequel, Tomb Raider Chronicles. Chronicles appears almost entirely in flashbacks, with fans reliving Lara Croft’s past missions while her friends reminisce about their time with her after her funeral. However, at the end of the chronicle, Werner von Croy dug Laura’s backpack from the rubble of the ruined tomb and enthusiastically announced that he had “found her”. This story is further fleshed out in the third game, Tomb Raider: Dark Angel. But while Laura is clearly alive and well in Dark Angel, it’s never really explained how she survived the frigid isolation between games. However, this was not supposed to be the case. Scenes deleted from “Dark Angel” would reveal more about Laura’s ordeal before she was found by von Croy at the end of the Chronicle.

Dark Angel isn’t one of the most popular entries in the Tomb Raider franchise. It takes on a darker and more atmospheric tone than the previous entries in the series. However, it also pretty much consists of introducing Lara Croft to a mystical spiritual guide. A deleted scene from Dark Angel shared on Tomb Raider’s YouTube channel shows Lara being found by a shaman named Putai after finishing The Last Revelation. According to Murti Scofield, author of The Dark Angel, Putai is:

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