Lathe machine incident real video original leaked, Russian lathe accident

The video, titled “Lathe Incident,” refers to an incident in Russia in which a man was killed by a lathe.

The “Lathe Incident” video became popular on social media after many content creators posted about the original video.

The disturbing video was so difficult to watch that an animated video recreating what supposedly happened in a Russian factory containing dangerous machinery also circulated on the Internet.

In this case, the video is called “Lathe Incident” because it was an incident that occurred due to improper handling of a lathe, a machine used to shape metal parts.

“Torno” in Spanish translates as “lathe.” A lathe is a machine tool used in industry to shape parts of metal, wood, plastic, and other materials by rotating the workpiece and applying a cutting tool (such as a chisel, drill, or lathe) to the material. in rotation.

Lathes are widely used in the manufacturing and metalworking industries to create parts with precise shapes and sizes. They are also used in carpentry and other disciplines to work with wood and other materials.

Operating a lathe can be dangerous for several reasons. First of all, the risk of getting trapped is high.

Lathes spin at extremely high speeds and hold the workpiece firmly. If any part of the operator’s body, clothing or tools are too close to the cutting area, there is a risk of being caught or dragged by the machine, resulting in serious injury.

In this unfortunate case caught on a factory security camera, an employee returned to work and suddenly his arm got caught in the machine.

It should be noted that the subject was alone when the accident occurred, and although the recording showed a desperate expression on his face, when his colleagues arrived to help him it was too late.

The next second, the subject’s entire body is trapped. The man lost his life almost immediately. The recording shows the horrible scene as his colleagues rush to see what is left of his friend.

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