Latto leaked music on twitter and reddit song , LATTO TRENDS AFTER 130 SONGS LEAK

Latto became the trending topic on Twitter on Monday night (November 21) after the violent leak of her trove of unreleased music.

The Atlanta rapper reports 130 songs have popped up online, including previously unheard collaborations with other artists and references to some of her female rap colleagues. One of the most prominent leaks was Latto’s “Blick Blick” demo, which was released earlier this year as a song by Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj. On the reference track, Latto raps the song’s main theme before spitting out the words that appear in Coi and Nicki’s lyrics.

It’s unclear if “Blick Blick” was originally meant to make Latto appear, or if she just used it as a reference to Coi Leray. It’s unclear whether Latto had a hand in writing the lyrics, as she previously admitted to ghostwriting.

“I heard a few of your refs before they came out booing,” she wrote during her Twitter spat with Nicki Minaj in October. “Did you forget that we all work with the same writer?” The difference is I don’t deny it. However, from the time I was 16, the world saw me on national television. “

Latto also claims that during the heated back-and-forth, Nicki repeatedly twisted her request for a feature and “covered” it in knee-jerk tweets. Also included in the leak was Latto’s version of BIA’s 2021 hit “Whole Lotta Money,” later remixed with Nicki Minaj. While some of Latto’s lyrics provided the main theme, BIA later explained that the 777 hit singer had no hand in writing the song.

“No London jae wrote the hook, I wrote the credits and lyrics, it’s not rocket science,” she explained on Twitter, in response to a fan struggling to wrap his head around the loophole. In addition to “Whole Lotta Money”, London Joe wrote several Latto songs including “Big Energy”, “Pull Up” and “Soufside”.

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