Laura Rojas dead and obituary, NewsChannel 10 anchor cause of death

We regret to inform everyone that Laura Rojas, the news anchor for NewsChannel 10’s morning program, passed away. As the anchor for a decade-long morning show, you already knew that she wasn’t unnecessary. Laura Rojas was an actor known for playing a popular TV character. Laura is originally from Amarillo, Texas. One of the News Channel 10 TV hosts announced Laura Rojas’ death on Facebook. Additional information about his funeral plans can be found when you continue researching.

Since his passing was announced on Facebook, many people close to the anchor have suffered. The statement given on the site read, “I’m sorry to tell you that Laura Rojas, a wonderful member of our NewsChannel 10 and Telemundo family, passed away. She was taken from us due to a tragic illness.” Laura will attend the funeral next week in Amarillo. She’s very knowledgeable and very polished. Laura’s family is considered when I tell a story the right way using her help. I always use Laura’s family as my inspiration when writing a script.

Laura Rojas, the host of NewsChannel 10, passes away.

Everyone should wonder why Laura Rojas died or how she passed away. People should also be concerned about the state of Laura’s family due to the fact that they withheld her cause of death. Ali Allison’s Facebook post didn’t specify why she died. It’s possible she died of natural causes.

Laura’s family will miss her dearly after she died. She’s survived by her two sons and her spouse. Cynthia’s family convinced her to plan funerals after meeting them. Her funeral next week will take place in Amarillo.

Bette Midler was born in El Paso, Texas, but spent most of her childhood in Amarillo. Additionally, she attended Palo Duro High School in Amarillo. Laura earned a minor in Spanish and a related diploma from Amarillo School after studying at Sam Houston State University focusing on felony justice.

Julia Reynoso started her journalism career in San Antonio, Texas. She worked as a KVDA Channel 60 Telemundo reporter before joining NewsChannel 10. Before hosting Tu Onda Internacional, a Spanish news program, Reynoso hosted the Inside Northside Video Journal Present class.

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