Lauren Beers huddersfield leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit videos

A bartender launched OnlyF in a desperate attempt to keep up with rising bills amid the cost of living crisis.

Lauren Beers has reached out to subscription sites offering cheeky photos of herself to help raise funds to keep her and her husband’s alcoholic lover open.

The couple own the Waggon and Horses pub near Huddersfield.

But like many others, they have seen their energy bills be much higher in recent months than they have been in recent years.

To cut costs and pay her own way, the 40-year-old opened her own account with a £12 monthly subscription.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “I’m only good at three things: lappins, laces and t**s.

“So…I thought I’d combine a guy’s (and a lot of girls’) favorite things.

“Your subscription could mean the survival of Great British Boozer.”

Proud husband Paul is delighted she is doing her part to “save the pub”, with one regular saying she will be a “big hit”.

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