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LEAH is a little girl with a big smile who has won the hearts of people across the country. Her mother told the story of her life and her battle with one of the rarest forms of cancer, witnessing and sharing every moment of her pain. It is a deeply moving and heartbreaking story of the trials and tribulations of this little girl as she tossed between hope and despair. It’s a story of great loss, but it’s also a story of a greater love, a love that survives the greatest of tragedies.

Subiaco’s 36-point victory over West Perth continued to push for a top-four finish.

Hayley Corlett scores twice in weeks ahead of Subiaco, Tiah Toth, Eva Popovski Popovsky and Fina Dethlefsen scored the remaining goals.

Toth led the match with 17 tackles, while Tarnica Golisano had 16 tackles and six tackles.

Taylor Ferguson was West Perth’s most successful ball handler with 14 goals, while Claire Norbury put the pressure on with six tackles.

Claremont continued to lead the WAFLW standings with a 39-point victory over East Perth on Saturday.

Former Freemantle AFLW player Matilda Sergeant was in fine form for the visitors, earning 23 dismounts, seven tackles and putting the ball in the 50th goal four times, while team-mate Jay Jayme Harken also had 21 dismounts and seven tackles.

Claremont’s shots came from five different players, with trusted striker Adele Anup being the only player to score more than one goal on the day, taking her tally for the season to 26.

For East Perth, Matilda Bennett showed what she can do, leading all opponents on the day with 45 hits, while Jorja Elisseou scored 45 hits all day Worked hard and made 17 dismounts and 6 tackles.

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