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Canadian abstract painter Lesley Cordero uses the colors sensual lines, organic shapes and energetic mark making to create her art.

Each work is built from intuitive mark making overlaid with rich color, pours, drips, splashes and stencils. Additionally, each piece includes collage pieces and stamping. After layers of mark making are painted over, then edited out until the core of the artwork is revealed.

Lesley resides in Hamilton, Ontario. After studying at the University of Guelph and the University of Toronto, she earned two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education. For over 30 years, she served as a high school teacher in the Visual and Media Arts department.

Lesley Cordero, Nick Cordero’s American mother, died from complications caused by Covid-19 in July of 2020. Amanda Kloots, Nick’s sister, announced Lesley’s death through Instagram; she referred to her as a “mother.” Kloots highlighted how Lesley was an important person in her brother’s long hospital stay and how she supported him during his life without his husband.

My sogor Nick’s mother, my step-sister Lesley Cordero, passed away today. She and I were very close when Nick was hospitalized with a health issue. Every day, we soldiers would head off to battle; we loved the man we served. We comforted each other in the hospital and shared each other’s tears at night. Amanda usou a escrita para descrever a sua experiência com o apoio de Ela, uma mulher de grande poder e conselho. Ela a considerava como uma viúva que compreendia como navegar na nova vida.

Nick and Lesley were very close. He talked to her every day. And she told me that they were very close to each other as mother and son. Before I loved anything about Nick, I loved his relationship with his mother. I respected the bond between them, their honesty and the way they connected. Lesley’s passion for art wasNick’s support of. After Nick died, she threw herself into her work as an artist and started a business selling her artwork around the world. As a result of this business venture, she became an international artist.

This is difficult for me. There’s no way to understand this. In truth, there’s no way to. I absolutely despise loss, death and mourning. My heart is with the Cordero family, which I consider the strongest family group I know. Asseguro-lhes que jamais os desapimei, gosto deles e chamo-os de meus irmãos. Amanda desabafa amargamente por ter que reconhecer isso. Esperamos que você se encontre em paz, com Nick e Eduardo ainda nos braços, sem queimaduras, dor ou sofrimento. Merecemos um alívio por sua parte; saiba que não precisamos mais suportar sua dor ou deixá-la morrer. Forças incontáveis sempre existiram em você. Como seus assustadores adversários, eles permanecem inexpugnáveis. Mas, ainda assim, você permaneceu em pé, mantendo sua vida. Essa é uma prova da coragem. You truly lived your life. Your resilience defined you,” the creature stated.

I thank you immensely for accepting me as your daughter. For loving Elvis, you’re the best grandmother anyone could ask for. I thank you for loving me and being the best mother a grandmother could be. From this moment forth, I will always love you, my mother. Amanda proclaimed.

Nick Cordero, 41 anos, e conhecido por Hollywood pelas séries Lei & Ordem e outras produç

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