Lewiston Maine shooting today, Active shooter news now multiple injuries reported

#BREAKING: Active shooter situation with multiple injuries reported at a restaurant/entertainment venue in Lewiston, Maine. Suspect armed with a long rifle currently outstanding.

There are new reports of shootings in Lewiston, Maine, that resulted in multiple casualties at two locations: Spare Time Bowling Alley and Schmenengees Bar.

The number of victims is unclear, but local authority scanners suggest there could be as many as two dozen victims.

The person accused of making threats against Lewiston High School has been identified and police have made contact, Lewiston school officials said.

School officials said Monday morning that the situation had been “resolved.” This all comes after a screenshot containing threatening language was shared and retweeted on social media on Sunday night.

Lewiston Schools Superintendent Jake Langlais told Total Report Maine there are no plans to cancel or postpone school at this time.

Officials do not believe there is any danger.

Maine State Police are assisting Lewiston police investigating the death of a toddler.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss told News Center Maine that police were called to 709 S. Lewiston Ave. around 9 a.m. Sunday.

Moss said it is standard procedure for Maine State Police to assist in investigations of child deaths in Maine unless the death occurs in Portland or Bangor. The city’s police department is conducting a separate investigation into this case.

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