Liha Lovelesh video leaked onlyf on twitter, who is Liha on instagram and the leak photos

Former NBA star reacts furiously when he discovers girlfriend has OnlyF page A second teacher at a small Missouri high school is reportedly in trouble for supplementing her income by selling p0rn0graphy on OnlyF, after a student slipped a note under her classroom door saying she “knew her secret”.

Liha Lovelesh, 31, an English teacher and cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School, told The Post she was found working part-time as an adult on Monday. Five were placed on leave.

“Tuition doesn’t help someone financially. It’s really hard to stretch your salary in the summer. That’s why I do it,” she told the news outlet.

Liha Lovelesh said she joined the subscription site in May to help pay off more than $125,000 in student loans. Including coaching stipends, her total salary last year was about $47,500, the newspaper reported.

Her colleague Brianna Coppage, a former first- and second-grade English teacher at the school, had recently been furloughed from running an OnlyF page with her husband before quitting to pursue a full-time career in pornography.

Kopech was suspended Sept. 27 after district officials learned she was working a disgraceful part-time job to supplement her meager $42,000 salary.

The former teacher told Fox News she made nearly $1 million selling porn after quitting teaching and making headlines around the world.

Liha Lovelesh told The Post that she deactivated her OnlyF account, which had about 1,500 subscribers, after school officials discovered Coppage’s account.

She said she currently makes an extra $3,000 to $5,000 a month from OnlyF, but has kept her face hidden to maintain her anonymity.

But when she appeared in a video on Kopech’s account, rumors began to circulate among students. Although her face is not visible in the video, which was taken at a party in a St. Louis hotel room, she was wearing the same clothes as in the video when photos from the event appeared online, the newspaper reported.

“I was in the whole thing for about four minutes, and I definitely didn’t think it was going to ruin my entire career,” Liha Lovelesh told The Post.

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