Linda Cooney palm beach dead and obituary, Woman pleads guilty in 2011 shooting

A judge this month ordered the release of a 74-year-old woman after she admitted that a 2011 shooting left her son paralyzed.

In 2017, the Nevada Supreme Court overturned Linda Cooney’s conviction for attempted murder on June 28, 2011, when her son Kevin was injured. Jurors should not be allowed to hear evidence that Cooney’s son was shot in the neck with the same gun she used to kill her husband decades ago, the Supreme Court ruled.

On March 11, three days before another trial in the case began, Linda Cooney pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault with a deadly weapon and one count of misdemeanor assault constituting domestic violence, court records show.

District Judge Ronald Israel ordered Cooney’s voluntary release after receiving time to serve a misdemeanor sentence, court documents show. She will be sentenced on June 6 for the battery charging offence.

“On the advice of counsel, Ms. Cooney was tried under the Alford Order at which she pleaded not guilty to the charges facing her,” Cooney’s defense attorney, Michael Castillo, said in an emailed statement explain.

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The state Supreme Court has ruled that jurors should not have been told that Kevin Cooney was shot with the same .357 Magnum revolver that killed Jim Cooney in 1992. A Florida jury found Linda Cooney to have acted in self-defense and acquitted in the death of her husband.

Linda Cooney, who is also accused of stalking, shot and killed her son because she didn’t want to lose him to his then-girlfriend, prosecutors said. During his 2014 trial, Kevin Cooney testified that he beat his mother after she interfered in his girlfriend’s affairs. During one fight, he pulled the gun from her hand and held it above his head, he said.

The 6-foot-9 former bodyguard testified that he shot himself at a downward angle. But several witnesses in the case, including nurses and an ex-girlfriend, said Kevin Cooney told them his mother had shot him.

Linda Cooney said her son’s injuries were his own fault. Another of her sons, Metropolitan Police Constable Christopher Cooney, also testified at the trial that his brother was responsible for the shooting.

After the trial, jurors told prosecutors they did not believe the brothers’ statements.

Last year, Christopher Cooney became the subject of an internal Metro investigation after he posted a photo on Facebook of himself with a group of President Donald Trump supporters on Jan. 6, 2021, the day of the Capitol riots. The department previously declined to release its findings or any further details.

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