Linda Skugge leaked onlyf sjukdom, videos and photos on twitter and reddit

In 2001, Linda Skugge criticized Pernilla Wahlgren for her scantily clad photo in Café magazine. 22 years later, Skugge has the only followers — where she posts nude photos.

Pernilla Wahlgren said she was shocked when she found out about Skugge’s Fans Only program. That’s what she hates, we take these pictures for the good of men,” said Pernilla Walgren in the “Walgren and Westam” podcast.

The writer and columnist Linda Skugge, 49, was not impressed when the artist Pernilla Wahlgren, 55, barely posed for Café magazine in 2001. “It’s something I don’t understand, and that’s why a 33-year-old girl who has a family and a job that’s going really well, and I think she loves it a lot, wants to take her clothes off and go raw for a book. direction magazine photoshoot.”

After 22 years, Skugge got a fan-only account where she could pose naked and sell sex videos. In a column for Amelia, she described it as “performance art” and said more people should be able to appreciate her “killer body”.

Linda Skugge surprises Pernilla Wahlgren with the acquisition of Only fans.

I was shocked. That Linda Skoog makes money from taking porn pictures is disgusting to me because Linda Skoog wrote about it on Expressen when I “extended myself” in the cafe, Penila Wahlgren on the podcast “Wahlgren and Wistam”. Penila Valgren admitted that the pictures were scantily clad but beautiful and that she “didn’t show anything I didn’t want to show”. She hadn’t expected such a reaction.

She instigates, writes columns, it’s disgusting, how can I do it? As a mother of three, I shouldn’t be doing this, I’m ruining feminism. Those words, Walgren remembers, were too harsh.

She remembered how bad her mood was during that time. I know I cry because I feel so bad. She said the children were bullied at school. She makes money from crooks clicking there and wanting to see her do things with her body. That’s what she hates, we take these pictures for men and that’s how you devalue yourself as a woman.

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