Liv Cook 15 leaked video on onlyfans, Whats happened to videos leaked of Josh Giddey

The controversy surrounding Oklahoma City Thunder’s Josh Guiddy continues to heat up.

A user on X recently claimed that Giddy had a relationship with a minor, believed to be Liv Cooke. The account posted a video in which Giddy can be seen wrapping his arms around her. Another photo shows the Australian woman with her arms around her neck. Although the post was deleted, other users took screenshots and shared them online.

Now, a purported video of Cook has surfaced in which she appears to admit to dating the NBA star.

“Hey people! I’m with Josh and we don’t need to talk about this,” the girl said in the video.
Guidi has yet to respond to the accusations. Neither the league nor the Thunder have released a statement on the matter.

After the tweet went viral, an account on X posted that the Thunder had taken the young guard off the roster. However, the account that posted the news is B**tcrack Sports, a parody website that specializes in spreading misinformation.

🏀 Josh Giddey: Elevating his Game in the NBA 🌟

Josh Giddey, the young promise of Australian basketball, is making waves in the NBA with his unique style and outstanding performances on the court. Let’s take a closer look at some key aspects of his career so far.

**1. Australian Origins: ** Born on October 10, 2002 in Melbourne, Australia, Giddey has taken his talent beyond borders, becoming a sensation in the most prestigious basketball league in the world.

2. On-Court Mastery: Standing at an impressive 6-foot-8 (203 cm), Giddey stands out as a point guard with his unique vision of the game and exceptional ball skills. His versatility has made him a valuable asset for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

**3. Career in the NBL: ** Before making the jump to the NBA, Giddey left his mark in Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL), demonstrating his ability to lead and play with mastery.

**4. Records and Recognitions: ** Despite his youth, Giddey has accomplished notable feats. He is the first player in NBA history to record three triple-doubles before turning 20, highlighting his early impact on the league.

5. Impact on the Thunder: As an integral part of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Giddey has played an essential role in the team’s success. His ability to create offensive opportunities and his strategic vision have made him an essential player.

6. Beyond the Court: Although he has recently been the subject of personal speculation, the main focus remains on Giddey’s talent and contribution to the exciting landscape of professional basketball.

As Josh Giddey continues to elevate his game in the NBA, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of his career and his lasting impact on the world of basketball. 🌐🔥 #JoshGiddey #NBA #Basketball

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