Lonnie Poteet obituary, Wife Shannon Poteet dead

Lonnie Poteet, the spouse of the late Shannon Poteet, became entangled in a perplexing case when his 21-year-old wife disappeared in 1986 in Ferry, Washington, leaving behind their 11-month-old daughter, Sara. Lonnie, considered a primary suspect in her possible murder, raises questions about his current whereabouts.

Shannon Poteet went missing during the fall of 1986, and her car, discovered in the city a few days after she was reported missing, contained traces of blood. The case remained unsolved until 1994 when a biker stumbled upon her remains. The crime was later scrutinized on the crime reality show “Cold Justice,” establishing it as a homicide. The Ferry County District Attorney is currently overseeing the case, but Lonnie Poteet is not incarcerated.

Although there are witnesses connecting dots that could implicate Lonnie, concrete evidence remains elusive. Initially, he emerged as the prime suspect due to his troubled relationship with Shannon, who was in the process of divorcing him. Allegedly, Lonnie’s brother disclosed his confession at a bar.

On the contrary, when investigators traveled to Montana for a meeting with Lonnie, he declined to provide information and directed them to his lawyer. Lonnie Poteet, once married to Shannon Poteet, has been living without legal consequences. Meanwhile, their daughter, Sara, now 35, grew up with her father, Lonnie, who informed her of her mother’s disappearance during her childhood. Regrettably, Sara believed for years that her mother intentionally abandoned her.

Lonnie Poteet, portrayed as a married family man, faces suspicions surrounding his wife’s death. Shannon, who worked for the United States Forest Service, was a 21-year-old woman, 5 feet, and 1 inch tall. The narrative challenges the notion that she willingly left her child with an abusive husband, opting to vanish in a forest. As the daughter seeks answers, the question of Lonnie’s involvement in her mother’s demise remains unresolved.

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