Lorraine Garcia dead and obituary, From Netflix’s Missing: Dead or Alive Now?

If you’ve watched the Netflix true crime documentary series Missing: Dead or Alive? , you might be wondering what happened to Lorraine Garcia, a 61-year-old woman who disappeared in 2021.

The series follows a missing persons case that officials with the South Carolina Sheriff’s Department are investigating, involving people who go missing under disturbing circumstances. Months after Lorraine Garcia was last spoken to in mid-September 2021, she was reported missing by her former daughter-in-law, Lamanda Kandice Moore.

Based on the evidence Investigator Vicki Rains and her team uncovered as they began their investigation into Lorraine’s disappearance, the chances of finding Lorraine Garcia alive appear slim. Lorraine’s son, Anthony Garcia, had not reported her missing in months since she was last seen, leaving her belongings outside in the front yard. He said he didn’t know where she was but hoped she was okay.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the home and found that bleach had been used. They also found blood on the air mattress Lorraine had slept on, which was in a garbage bag in the back of Anthony’s truck.

How is Lorraine Garcia?

Despite the troubling evidence, investigator Raines and her team rekindled hopes that Lorraine might be alive when they heard a recording of a woman with the same name calling her bank. They were able to find her address and went to see if they could find her.

To the surprise of Raines investigators, she found that Lorraine Garcia was alive and in good health when she walked the street.

“Are you Lorraine?” Inspector Raines in Missing: Dead or Alive? said in episode 2. Officials approach Lorraine Garcia’s home in “Missing: Dead or Alive?” Courtesy of Netflix
Garcia replied, “Yes,” to Raines’ relief.

So why did Lorraine Garcia leave without telling her ex-daughter-in-law or her son where she was going?

“I’m trying to start over so my mind and my heart can settle. I don’t want to go back,” Garcia said.

Asked if she was happy, she replied: “I am happy now. But I have to start taking care of myself.”

Lorraine then explained her reason for leaving without explanation.

“My son, he did to me things he never did. I didn’t deserve that,” she said. “I don’t know what happened to him.”

“Before he went to war, he was laid back, happy and enjoying life. But when she came back from the army, he tried to take pills, drink, smoke weed and do everything possible to forget what he saw in the infantry,” she added.

She explained that while she once had a breakthrough with him, she eventually decided she couldn’t be by his side anymore.

“He spoke to me once and I held him down,” she said. “That was the first and last time he spoke about it.”

“Just before I left, I was terrified,” she added. “People I don’t know come in through the garage door or the living room. Someone has eaten food from the cupboard. There are all kinds of utensils everywhere and I don’t feel safe. It’s like sharing my apartment with strangers, it’s pretty scary .”

Loraine Garcia has not filed specific charges against her son, nor has any charges been brought against him. In the documentary series, Anthony Garcia denies hurting his mother.

“Would I hurt my mom? Not on purpose,” he says in Episode 2 of Missing: Dead or Alive.

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