Louisa Khovanski height leaked video of onlyf4ns, the videos and photos on twitter

A Ukrainian internet star famous for her 30HH breasts says men around the world are using war as an excuse to attack her.

Louisa Khovanski told The Sun she had received more than a thousand marriage requests to leave Ukraine, with men even offering sex in exchange for safety in the face of Russia’s invasion. Louisa has 2.6 million followers on Instagram – and they all know she’s gifted with boobs.

“I have 30 HH breasts and my audience knows that,” she said. But as the war takes its toll on Ukraine, Louisa – whose hometown was occupied by Russia and now lives in Kiev – says some shady people are trying to take advantage of the tragic situation.

“In many cases, they offered me their rooms as if they expected me to sleep with them in exchange for safety,” she said. ‘Inappropriate’ influencer ‘ruined’ black tie wedding with ‘extremely embarrassing’ outfit
Luisa said her breasts naturally attracted the attention of men from different countries, but some saw the war as an opportunity.

“Many people asked me to marry them in order to leave Ukraine,” she said. “Many people have offered places to stay.” But Louisa believes their offers pose a greater threat.

“It is more dangerous to accept this situation than to live in Ukraine during the war,” she said. “I decided to stay in Ukraine and refused all requests. If I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t want to do anything.”

“I have no plans to go at the moment. But things are changing, so maybe I’ll leave before winter.” Louisa finds it disturbing that chauvinists are trying to exploit the war for sexual exploitation.

“Sadly, some men are trying to profit from the war in Ukraine and take advantage of us women. Even in moments like this, chauvinism remains very strong,” she said.

Louisa also admitted that while her breasts attracted attention on social media, they also caused other problems besides indecent proposals. “Yes, my breasts cause some discomfort in my daily life,” she said. “I can’t do aerobics – jumping, running and jogging are a no-no. It’s very uncomfortable.”

“As far as being mindful, if I want to go outside for a quiet walk while running errands, I need to wear loose clothing — as loose as possible.”

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