Love is blind season 3 spoilers on reddit leaked, Raven & SK Give Post-Wedding

Due to real-world issues, the third batch of episodes — released on Wednesday, November 2 on Netflix — stalled. SK’s return to graduate school after filming pushed their relationship into a long-distance one. Their relationship stands out for its ability to manipulate emotions, as opposed to many Bartises and Coles in the world. That’s a welcome respite from the usual.

After a long hiatus, the third batch of episodes released on Netflix Wednesday, November 2, came to an impasse due to real-world issues they encountered. SK had to return to grad school after filming; this meant he would have a long distance relationship on the horizon. Raven’s California-to-Texas relocation dilemma was exacerbated by the fact that his family wouldn’t meet him because they disapproved of the experiment. SK’s mother wasn’t against the marriage, though; she just wanted Raven to move to a different state.

In Season 3 Episode 10, Raven and SK planned a blind ceremony but their vision was obstructed by the real world. When determining which marriage vows to say, Raven answered in the affirmative and SK said no; they needed more time to deal with issues related to their plans. Raven’s mother was also heartbroken after being rejected by Raven. However, it doesn’t seem like this rejection led to a breakup. Instead, Raven maintained a neutral expression and kept her distance from her mother. She then shared an emotional moment with Raven when she realized that she was also heartbroken.

After wrapping production, SK relocated to a different time zone for grad school. The reason he gave for turning down the offer was clear to his girlfriend. Our cultural differences are immense. We moved at a slow pace on our own timetable. That was our intention when we embarked on this life-changing endeavor. Unfortunately, our schedule accelerated past our ability to keep up.

“I loved my boyfriend very much and understood why he broke up with me. That didn’t stop the pain, though,” she explains. “I knew what was happening and why; it’s just that I was still upset because I loved him so much.”

SK believes he made the best decision for the situation at the time. “I don’t feel like I have any regrets about my decision on that day,” he states. “I didn’t feel like I had enough information to realize that a next step was necessary. After getting engaged in the physical world, our lives quickly returned to the real world. Dealing with unresolved issues in Dallas continued to backlog us as we prepared to marry. I realized that it wouldn’t be enough for me to simply say yes just because we were standing before God. Instead, I needed to assess my concerns and address them before saying “I do.”

He states that revisiting the footage is painful, stating that he feels sympathy for the girl and that his family’s heartbreak shocks him. He also admits that seeing his mother in tears made him uncomfortable.

After a reunion on Love Is Blind Season 3 in November, fans will learn more about Raven and SK’s relationship progress. At the moment, neither of them regrets the breakup.

Raven’s only other regret is that she called Nancy Rodriguez “basic.” As a result of this, Raven realizes that she and Nancy are great friends. She also believes that Nancy is a wonderful woman. Raven admits her mistake after calling the jumping jacks moment with Bartise Bowden in the pods “really bad timing.”

According to SK, he believes that the changes he made to his personality during the process don’t necessitate any alteration. Opening up further would only expose me to greater risk. However, I could change the direction my life took if I were capable.”

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