Ludwig Nuts ball reveals leaked video on reddit and twitter, Whats happened?

What do you think of the image? Ludwig Ahgren uploaded the image on twitter without any context really, don’t forget to leave your comment and +

Twitch star Ludwig “Ludwig” Agren was speechless when he received donations and tricked him with a hilarious punchline. Jump King has become an outrageous platformer on the biggest Twitch streamer, where objects require incredible patience and mastery.

When xQc’s Jump King livestream ended in disaster on August 11, xQc hit the headlines in a moment of anger. Twitch streamer Ludwig streamed Jump King on August 14, and his stream also had an interesting moment, only not caused by the game, but by viewer donations.

The Ludwig Stream donor added: “Hey Luther, do you have any plans to make another stream to blow up those spheres? Can’t remember what it was called.”

As helpful as ever, Ludwig answered honestly and maintained: “Mumbling? Marbles. Yes, exactly. I don’t like making marbles too often, it gets a little stale.”

Moments later, however, when the donor finished his joke, the gavel fell and the text-to-speech voice was: “You have bullets in your mouth.”

After being led directly to the crux of the classic joke, the streamer was speechless. The donor refers to the stream that Ludwig made, where he raced marbles against each other to the finish line, each with an order that Ludwig had to write by the audience. These range from scratching racing stripes to his head to paying his Twitch moderators.

For future donations, Ludwig should be careful with the word “murmur”, as doing so could lead to disaster.

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