Luke Gossett dead and obituary, practitioner for a top NHS Mental Health

My goal is to help you get the results you want from therapy. As a CBT/EMDR practitioner for a top NHS mental health institution, I offer a friendly, solutions-focused, person-centred and compassionate approach, tailoring psychological interventions to your needs. It’s about you as an individual. I can help you if the problem is depression, low self-esteem, anxiety (health, panic, agoraphobia, social, OCD), trauma, anger, chronic pain or mood complications due to a difficult relationship with the body/illness/injury. Together we seek to find the specific tools you need in your life to self-manage and become your own therapist.

Therapy is a collaboration where I listen to you carefully so that the sessions are productive in your own circumstances. This way you can move forward with your life in a new and satisfying way. We break down the issues that are keeping you going while I use my skills and experience as a therapist and as a person to try to get you where you want to be.

In an assessment we will work together to understand the problem and chart the way forward, talking about the process and how we adapt it and make it beneficial for you and your context and background. Please email me a brief description of the main issue so we can plan next steps.

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