Madam Social,  Internet Comedian Madam Social Is Dead

Cause of death and Madam Social’s real name: A flurry of mourning has flooded the internet following the death of aspiring Internet cartoonist Madam Social.

Veteran social media comedian Madam Social has died. Her death was announced on her Instagram account on Tuesday. In subsequent posts, her grandson also shared his feelings, with many paying tribute to the aspiring woman. Ms Social was known for her hilarious videos that wowed people all over the world, so her death comes as a shock. Additionally, as news of her death spread online, interest turned to the facts surrounding her cause of death and personal information.

Madam Social, whose real name was Mama Roseline Onwujekwe, has died. However, as of this writing, the cause of death has not been disclosed. Although the cause of Mrs. Society’s death is unknown, many netizens believe that the cause of death of the webtoon is the health problems of several elderly people.

However, these claims are merely hypothetical; furthermore, we will update this section of the website if reliable information becomes available about her death. Mom is also cited as an example that struggle has no age limit. As for her profile, Madam Social rose to social media fame after one of her jokes went viral, and she’s also appeared in a number of Instagram comedian skits.

The Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses has reportedly visited the 80-year-old Anambra comedy Lady Society to urge actors to end their face-squirting comedy shows. Likewise, the 80-year-old comedian, who earned her first million naira at the age of 80, was observed looking brooding and grumpy, expressing her fear of being alone. Her grandson, MC Shade, comforts her and encourages her to ignore the missionaries. Other than that, there is very little information gleaned from the internet about her personal and professional life as of the time of writing.

Ms Social was said to have a net worth of several thousand naira at the time of her death. On the other hand, the intricacies of their revenue and profits are unclear.

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