Maeva Ghennam caca video twitter, The photos leaked on reddit and telegram

maeva ghennam mange caca

Not all facets of life are necessarily appropriate to be exhibited on social networks, and it seems that Maeva Ghennam is little aware of this. The Marseillais star shares all aspects of his life in stories without filter, regularly sparking negative reactions. A few hours ago, she filmed herself tasting chocolate in a way deemed “disgusting”, triggering a new wave of criticism and attacks from disgusted Internet users.

Maeva Ghennam remains constantly active on her stories, disclosing everything that comes to mind without always anticipating the consequences, and this is what pleases her fans. Unfortunately, this approach also earned her a lot of criticism, such as when she was shown urinating in the middle of nature.

“This is what your ‘influencers’ stories come down to: filming yourself urinating in the middle of nature????”, “It should also be reported 😤😤😤, it’s the worst of all “, “The intellectual level is distressing, it’s emptiness, nothingness”, “I think his pee made a hole in his brain 🧠”, “It’s just another example of the culture of emptiness and a bad buzz more to make people talk about it”, “But what are polar bears doing? We absolutely must regulate this species”, we could read in particular on Twitter.

More recently, a new video from the Marseillais star once again irritated, even disgusted, Internet users. Indeed, the one who recently spoke openly about her hemorrhoid problems filmed herself tasting raw cookie dough with her hands, in an unappetizing way. The footage was widely shared on social media and sparked many comments.

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