Manisha Jagan dead and obituary, organs save lives – cause of death

For Jagan Mongan Periasamy, the sudden loss of his 35-year-old daughter is almost indescribable. But knowing that Manisha’s death helped save the lives of the three patients who received promised organs helped ease his pain in some ways.

He said he was confident more patients would be saved because some tissue and bones from Manisha were also harvested.

“We had no idea who the recipients were, their race or religion, but the fact that Manisha put a smile on their faces gave my family an indescribable joy. Thank God we know her All organs were used before leaving us,” he told FMT.

Jagan Mongan said Manisha had always helped the needy during her lifetime and he continued to do so after her death, something he will cherish forever.

“I want the world to know that donating an organ is so profound. It brings joy to the family you leave behind. It eases the pain of her loss when you leave her,” he said.

Dr. Faiqah Nastasha Mohamed Sam, donation coordinator at Sungai Buloh Hospital, said Manisha pawned all her organs and tissues, which is rare in Malaysia.

“However, two kidneys and a liver were only direct recipients. Their corneas and bones were harvested and stored for future use. The corneas had a two-week grace period, but the bones could be preserved for life,” she told FMT.

Members of the hospital’s organ donation team often have mixed feelings when faced with the death of a pawnbroker, she said.

She said it was hard to see the pain of the donor’s family. On the other hand, it is also heartwarming to see the joy of people standing on the side of the beneficiaries.

“Seeing this just warms our hearts. Although they don’t know who the donor is, they always express great gratitude and thank God for giving them a second chance at life. Dead donors may watch Not that happiness, but their family will feel that happiness,” she said.

Faiqah, who was assisted throughout by nurse Zaidiana Yahya, said the organ donation team swung into action when Jagan Mogan told them his recently deceased daughter had taken her organs.

“It was around 8am on March 29, and we ran two tests to confirm she was brain dead. In the meantime, we had sent a blood sample to our lab, requested a scan from our radiology department, and notified Our local procurement team and the National Transplant Center (NTRC).

She said NTRC had informed the various transplant teams, namely the cardiothoracic department of the National Heart Institute, the hepatobiliary department of Selayang Hospital, and the urology departments of Selayang Hospital and Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

“At 2.30 am on March 30, Manisha was wheeled into our operating theater, NTRC, hepatobiliary team (Selayang), urology team (Selayang), ophthalmology team (Sungai Buloh) and orthopedic team (Sungai Buloh) and our anesthesia and stripping teams are waiting,” she said, adding that Selayang Hospital’s liver transplant team had mobilized to wait for the organ.

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