Marcelinho Carioca leaked video, They kidnap him for infidelity on twitter

The Sao Paulo Police launched all the protocols for a possible kidnapping after finding Marcelinho Carioca’s car abandoned, after he left an event in Itaquera, in the city of São Paulo, in that vehicle.

The former soccer player, born in Rio de Janeiro in 1971, and who was international with Brazil, disappeared after leaving that party in his car, which, according to the local police reported to the ‘Globoesporte’ site, was found abandoned in Itaquaquecetuba, in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo.

As a result of the report made by the police officers who were in charge of transferring the vehicle to one of the premises of a police station, the anti-kidnapping plan was activated and the Anti-Kidnapping Division (DAS) of Sao Paulo began to investigate, since due to the characteristics it is very likely that his disappearance has to do with an alleged deprivation of liberty.

Due to the relevance that the case had from the first moment, civil and military police mobilized to look for clues and find Marcelinho’s whereabouts.

The Secretary of Public Security (SSP) of Sao Paulo published a detailed report on the case in which, for now, the case is classified as “disappearance of a person and location of a vehicle.”

“The Secretary of Public Security reports that a vehicle was located abandoned in the region of Itaquaquecetuba. The case is being registered as the disappearance of a person and location of the vehicle in the Mogi das Cruzes Sectional Delegation. The Automated Identification System of Digital Impressions “was taken to clarify the circumstances and identify the people,” the statement says.

On the morning of this Monday the 18th, two people were arrested in the Itaim Paulista neighborhood as suspects in the disappearance of Marcelinho and after the woman’s husband made public the video in which he blamed himself for the murder.

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