Maren Ueland leaked video on twitter – Fb src ueland video, How maren ueland got died by terrorist video

Maren ueland morocco video Shamroush’s crime, a criminal offense that shocked Morocco and international opinion, occurred on 17 December 2018 when two Scandinavian tourists were found raped and beheaded in the foothills of Mount Toubkal dead body near Mount Toubkal. Imriel Village. In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in Öland, 28.

Moroccan police subsequently arrested 18 men suspected of involvement in the crime, while the Moroccan prosecutor’s office classified the killing as an act of terrorism after a video showed some of the suspects swearing allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Louisa Vesterger Jespersen (b. 1994) was born in Ikast, Denmark. She studied at Vester School and entered Ekastbrand University in 2013. Luisa is a lover of travel and traveling as she used to travel to different countries including Argentina, Peru and Norway. Louisa Vesterger Jespersen and Maren Orland, also students at Southeastern University in Norway, arrived in Morocco on December 9 as tourists. They stopped in Marrakech first, and then traveled together to Imlil in the Atlas Mountains, especially Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

After news of her death spread; a video posted online showed the four suspects swearing allegiance to the ISIS terrorist group while talking about the “destruction caused by the Crusader aircraft,” with one suspect in the video saying: “We will “Keep fighting the enemies of God wherever they are… You have no excuses and you have to know that. “We’ll do that for you.”

Second; Morocco is generally considered a safe destination for tourists as the last terrorist attack was in 2011 when 17 people were killed by a bomb at a restaurant in the city of Marrakech, but more than 1,600 traveled from Morocco to join Islam country and participate in it. in the Syrian civil war. Moroccan authorities initially turned a blind eye to those who joined ISIS, but then realized they could again commit terrorist crimes in Morocco and set about creating an intelligence office to investigate cases of returnees from “hot spots”. “. Especially Syria and Iraq.

A researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies said that the Moroccan authorities controlled the domestic situation and cooperated with European and American authorities, but they were powerless in terms of terrorist attacks carried out by Moroccans abroad, such as the London Bridge bombing. . . . 2017 was led by the Moroccans, as was the Barcelona terror attack that same year. Moroccans were also involved in the 2017 Turku attack.

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