Maria Camila Villalba video leaked on reddit and twitter – Whats happened?

Colombians are shocked by the murder of a young minor who was tortured and dismembered after being deprived of his liberty. The events date back to August 19, the day when the young woman named Maria Camilla Villalba Espitia was last seen alive, and then in the city of El Bagre escorted by a man from the El Progreso community. , under the test card.

The 17-year-old was apparently accompanied by a neighbor who had recently moved to Maria’s neighborhood. According to several Colombian media reports, residents of the town pointed to the object’s alleged ties to foreign groups, which would lead to his deprivation of liberty by armed men.

The exact reason or why they linked Maria to the subject is unclear, but she was also brought to him. The young woman was reported missing by her relatives. A few days later, on September 3, the man’s body was found with his head buried in a stick.

A photo of a young woman started circulating on social networks, tied up and beaten, but alive and staring at the camera. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only material leaked, as a few days later, a video circulated showing a group of men torturing and dismembering Maria’s body.

The body of the young woman was found in the Nechí River in Bajo Cauca in the middle of last month. It should be noted that the video went viral long before her relatives knew what happened to the minor, as the images quickly went viral among users who didn’t even live in Colombia.

In the social network, internet users accused others of being mired in sickness and cruelty, as some unrelated to the case took on the task of sending videos of Maria’s death to her relatives. In light of what happened, Maria’s relatives and groups have called for justice for the young woman.

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