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Michael Auras, 48, and Johanna Auras, six children, Landshut district, Munich, Germany Stake: Bulgarian/Central Eurasian delegation, succeeding President Samuel Koivisto and Anna-Maria Koivi Sister Stowe. Brother Olas is elders quorum president and past stake president, counselor stake Young Men presidency, branch president, counselor branch presidency, Sunday School teacher, seminary teacher, ward Mission leaders, temple workers and FSY meeting leaders. He was born in Erlangen, Germany, the son of Peter and Elvira Auras.

Johanna Auras is the ward Young Women president and past stake Young Women president, ward Primary president, ward Young Women president, branch Relief Society president, Ward Junior counselors, ward Young Women counselors, branch Relief Society leaders, Primary activities leaders, seminary teachers, and FSY meeting leaders. She was born in Landshut, the daughter of Friedrich and Angelika Reisinger.

Kenneth B. Black and Julianne Black The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Kenneth B. Black, age 60, and Julianne Black, three children, Monument Park Ward, Salt Lake Monument Park Stake, Sacramento, California Mission, successor to President David W. Zimmerman and Sister Mary Lynne Zimmerman. Brother Black is Elders Quorum Chairperson, Past Presidential Counselor, Senior Counselor, Young Men Presidential Counselor, Bishop, Bishopric Counselor, Ward Missionary, Ward Young Men Chairperson, and Fukuoka Japan Missionary. He was born in Salt Lake City to Orin Brent Black and Carol Sally Nielsen Black.

Sister Blake is a Young Women advisor, a ward temple and family history advisor, and a past stake Primary chairperson, stake Primary chairperson, stake young single adult advisor, ward Primary chairperson, ward Young Women Presidency, Sunday School Teacher, and Elementary School-Music Producer. She was born in Salt Lake City to Charles William Acklow and Margaret Carroll Mohan Acklow.

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