Maria Sofia Federico iene onlyf leaked video – the video of Le Iene

The debate continues over the choice of 18-year-old Maria Sofia Federico, former spokesperson for the show “Il Collegio”. The girl, in fact, announced for some time that she wanted to shoot a porn film, despite her family’s opposition. In recent months, in fact, the girl also attended the Rocco Siffredi Academy and she declared that she wanted to release her first hardcore film online.

“Le Iene” interviewed the girl and her parents to understand the positions of both parties. “They were very worried but emotionally absent, as if they closed me in a glass clock,” said Maria Sofia Federico. The parents said: “We are a proud and traditional family and we were shocked when she first told us that she wanted to create content on Only Fans.”

From the age of 18, Maria Sofia decided to devote herself to porn, which her parents refused and even threatened to kill themselves. The story went viral online and in the media, with the parents explaining several times what they felt after seeing some of the videos posted on Only Fans: “I didn’t have the courage to watch them all – my father told Veronica Romine – I was so shocked and embarrassed that I couldn’t look up. Then I went to her room and asked her if this was what she wanted to do with her life.” She thought the girl’s response was “violent, I’m 18 and I need to be able to do “What I want to do”.

To this end, the Italia 1 program introduced her to three porn stars: Eva Henger, Sara Tommasi and Selene. The three former hardcore divas spoke about their difficult past, especially their relationship with their families. This sentence creates a new confrontation between the girl and her parents, in the hope of finding a new harmony.

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