Marilyn La Rosa video leaked on reddit and twitter – whats happened Nagy O, Bea

One of Nagy O’s characters, Bea, appears to be a shy and introverted lady in front of the camera, but it’s now been revealed that she’s not shy at all in real life, as she makes a living by skinning the Internet.

Blikk also writes that Bea, one of Attila Árpa’s suitors, told us on the show A Nagy Ő that she had a crush on him, which is why she never had a one-night stand with a man. But now a secret has been revealed that he was offering pornographic videos and pictures to followers on the internet in exchange for money.

Bea says she is a female anchor and poses for the camera for men who pay her a certain amount. The woman can be found under the name Marilyn La Rose on several platforms, including a website called Onlyfans. Your family and friends also know how to increase your income.

I was scared to tell her at first, but I really like her, and I think if anyone finds out, they’d better hear me first! Of course, everyone pledged their support — to quote Bea Bors, who said she had been making money from the work for several years, and her content was initially only available abroad.

He expected his secret to be revealed, in fact the show’s producers had warned him, but he still agreed to appear in A Nagy Ő because he really wanted to meet Attila Árpa. Bea doesn’t reveal this in her surroundings, but it’s easy for strangers to tell her what’s hurting her, but there’s nothing she can do about it.

Nobody knew why and in what life situation I was in this situation. At some point in the show, I’ll also tell Attila this little “secret” and the audience will see how he reacts to it – continues one of Árpa’s suitors, who also talks about his proposal to a male director. The kind that requires the internet.

I could talk about it for a long time! Everyone is different. . . Some people are just lonely and want to talk, some people are interested in the mysteries of the female body and so on. . . But in general, a lot of people lack passion in life, trying to find a niche on their platform that they can fill.

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