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Tori Spelling admitted she spent up to $400 in two days to subscribe to the “Wild Things” actress’ OnlyFans account.

“I’ve been her friend for years. I was just kind of interested in all the OnlyF, and — I’m not going to lie — I was like, ‘Let me check this out. What’s going on?'” the former Beverly The Lee Hills 90210 star, 49, revealed on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live on Friday. “Well, I’ve seen it, and of course it shows something, and if you don’t subscribe to it, you can’t get it. So of course I signed up under a pseudonym.”

Spelling told host Jeff Lewis that she “just wanted to see” how far Richards, 51, was willing to take her content to the subscription-based platform.

“It’s fascinating because they’re like, ‘Hey, we might show you this in the shower.’ I just wanted to see this is my girlfriend, and I thought, ‘Hey, how far has she gone?’ ’ the Horror Movie 2 actress shared. Spelling then explained how she was tricked into spending $400 on Richards’ OnlyF.

“They supposedly said if you tip them, they’ll get back to you faster. So I thought, ‘Hey, I like what I’m seeing, I want to see more. “I ended up spending $400 over two days. I couldn’t stop,” she concluded. Richards launched her OnlyF account last June, a week after her ex-husband Charlie Sheen criticized her 18-year-old daughter Sammy Sheen for creating an account.

“She’s 18 now and lives with her mom. It’s not happening under my roof,” the 57-year-old former Two and a Half Men actor told Page Six at the time. “I don’t condone it, but since I can’t help it, I urge them to stay stylish and creative and not sacrifice their integrity.”

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