What happened to Mark Ramsey on Moonshiners? dead and obituary

mark ramsey obituary

As fans await a new episode of Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, many are asking Mark what happened on the show. Mark and Digg are the show’s dynamic duo who spend their days making moonshine in Appalachia.

They play with other famous winemakers like Tim and Tickle. However, judging by the tweets from fans, some seemed disturbed by the idea of ​​Mark leaving the show. So let’s take a closer look at what happened to Mark and Digg in 2023. In Moonshiners Season 12, Episode 6, Rock in the Police’s absence, Mark and Digger discover a tracking device in their truck.

Since homebrewing is illegal, Mark and Digger might have a risky surgery on Discovery. Distractify reported in 2022 that “many legal distilleries distribute moonshine in the US, but making the liqueur at home is illegal.” No. Mark Ramsay and Eric ‘Digger’ Manes remain among the 2023 Moonshiners cast. The two appear in season 12, which begins on November 9, 2022.

In the upcoming episode, which airs on February 8, Mark and Digg let Bizzy in on their surgery. So it looks like they will continue to work part-time. However, Mark appears to be “retiring” from the action, and fans don’t appear to be happy with the changes Digger and Mark have made.

“Very surprised Mark is stepping down,” wrote one Moonshiners fan. “It doesn’t look right for Digger to run alone without Mark,” said another. A fan tweeted on Feb. 2: “Mark and Digger are so sad! It’s like separating Batman and Robin.” In October 2022, Discovery reported that Mark and Digger were facing a tough season: “Tennessee Shiners face Leading a determined law enforcement officer who is determined to shut down their operations as they … battle the skies with the price of corn and other commodities.”

The duo’s difficulties in season 12 aren’t the first time they’ve had trouble with bootlegging. In an exclusive interview with Pop Culture in 2021, Mark and Digg said the need to settle in a new place “almost got them out of the bootlegging business entirely.”

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